Federchemicals Professional

Federchemicals deals with products for the treatment of builldings in general, natural stones, ceramic materials and innovative materials both during the processing phase (industrial production) and during the shipbuilding phase.

Federchemicals professional range of products includes

  • Stonemason’s technical products area

    Polyester mastics, epoxy resins, epoxy mastics, water based and solvent based anti-stain and waterproofs, liquid waxes, paste waxes, self-polishing products, anti-salt products , antirust for marbles and granite, chemical sandblasters, products with ageing effect.

  • Restoration area

    Products for consolidation,  waterproofs, anti-graffiti products, detergents, water based and solvent based  paint remover.

  • Building area

    Solvent based epoxy resins, resins without solvents, waterproof elastomeric mantles, anti-dust sealants for concretes, rust removers.

  • Ceramic area

    Acid detergents for after-laying, water based and solvent based anti-stain, detergents for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, products for in-line treatment.

  • Stone treatment area

    Detergents, water based and solvent based waterproof and anti-stain, metallized waxes, natural liquid and solid waxes, polishing powders, stain remover, crystallizing products, colour correctors, care kits for maintenance and polishing of countertops.

  • Terracotta treatment area

    Deoxidizing, buffered inhibited acids, anti-saltpeter waterproof products, water based and solvent based anti-stains, waxy resins impregnators, paste waxes, liquid finishes, wax removers.

  • Wood area

    Natural vegetal oils, natural beeswaxes and carnauba waxes for cold and hot treatment, citrus solvent based liquid waxes, water based matt and polished paints, wax effect paint for external.

Federchimicals Professional is a range of products which is suitable for:

  • Production companies such as “marble factories” and natural stone processing companies, ceramic companies
  • Designers and architects
  • Builders and construction companies
  • Maintenance companies
  • Treatment companies

Chemical specialities for building constructions