Anti-slip products

Federchemicals™, that has always been alert to the needs of consumers and attentive to the needs of professionals, is glad to introduce a new range of products for anti-slip treatment for the different surfaces today in use.

Anti-slip treatment for floors

Thanks to its constant research integrated with the latest technologies, today Federchemicals™ is able to improve friction resistance characteristics of floorings, solving the request of more performance of selected surfaces, combining practicality and ability to live your environment with maximum security.

Targeted use destinations, together with simple application and fast result make ProGrip™ the ideal anti-slip product.


From now, all types of floors can be made safe with anti-slip system ProGrip™.
ProGrip™ is a complete system that normally does not alter the aesthetic appearance of the flooring and does not require lengthy and costly renovation and demolition works.
The anti-slip treatment with ProGrip™ is carried out with a single application: the friction coefficient of the treated surfaces is significantly increased.

The need to avoid accidental falls has become very important, at home but especially in public environments with heavy pedestrian traffic where the floors may be wet like for example: external pavings, walkways, swimming pool edges, stairs, hospitals, shopping centers and any other surface which may be slippery due to the presence of grease or oily substances, for examples industrial kitchens or fast foods.


ProGrip™ is a product ideal to eliminate the slip effect on stoneware, ceramic and siliceous stone materials in general, such as polished granite floors.


ProGrip™ is a water based product, biodegradable, capable in quick time to make both internal and external treated surfaces anti-slip, extremely increasing friction coefficient of the same surfaces.


ProGrip™ is not a coating but it is a treatment that works by changing the surface texture making it totally non-slip; in fact, when the surface becomes wet, this modified porosity will turn into thousands of “suckers” that will prevent slipping.